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ROLFING - integração estrutural

Posture and Pain


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Rolfing - Structural integration - therapeutical Massage
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A harmonious and balanced movement and posture are precious-factors to contribute to the well-being of our body and mind.

How many times have you come across with ...

  • back pain?
  • pains in the shoulders?
  • difficulty walking erect?
  • difficulty in remain standing during a given time?

These are consequences:

  • of sedentary life
  • bad habits of posture
  • accidents resulting from injuries ...


What is it?

It is a system that encompasses an education so much as their own postural movements.

Rolfing (structural integration) is a process of physical manipulation (MYOFASCIAL) which involves significant changes:

  • in the form of the body;
  • in normal usage patterns;
  • strengthens the balance
  • and frees the movements.

The Rolfing prepares the individual as an integrated system, in harmony with their internal links and with the surroundings.

The Rolfing stimulates the integration of systems as a whole in individual, providing a relationship of harmony both internally and externally.

What are you doing?

  • Wellness recovery help
  • eliminates strains and muscle rigidity

How do you perform?

Through specific ringtones, deep and accurate, highly specialized and executed by professionals of Rolfing.

Who should carry out this activity?

It's a therapy that should only be performed by a professional who specializes in ROLFING duly accredited.


Just as a sculptor worked the clay, a Rolfing practitioner works with the fibrous connective tissue (fascia) of the human body, creating an integrated and balanced body, symmetrically and erect. Contributing to an efficient relationship with gravity.

Rolfing is indicated for patients of all ages, in which it has recognized, through continuous sessions, multiple benefits:

  • Relieves tension and chronic muscle pains;
  • Aligns, lengthens and frees the body;
  • Relaxes and loosens the movements of the joints;
  • Improves circulation and respiration;
  • Provides greater vitality to the individual;
  • Better body education;
  • Enables more efficient and graceful movements;
  • Promotes psychological and emotional growth balanced.